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Gabriell Dixon

Regional Coordinator

Meet Gabriell

Gabriell Dixon has devoted over 22 years of her life to being a daycare provider, offering exceptional care to children ranging from 6 weeks to 17 years old.


As a former military spouse, Gabriell understood the unique demands of military life, especially the need for 24/7 childcare. She frequently provided her services to support active members in the field and even cared for children whose mothers were deployed.


Beyond her childcare expertise, Gabriell is deeply committed to women's mental health and self-care. She organizes an annual girlfriend check-in, a gathering that focuses on mental health and self-care for women of all ages. This event reflects her dedication to fostering strong, supportive communities for women.Gabriell is also a proud mother of three adult children and has traveled extensively around the world, gaining a broad perspective and rich cultural experiences.


She has served as a program manager and leader at Benevolent Family Services, where she has been instrumental in shaping and implementing programs that support families and children. Her leadership and compassion continue to make a significant impact on the lives of those she serves.

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