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Rakiyah Perkins

Crisis Program Manager

Meet Rakiyah

Rakiyah Perkins has been working for Benevolent Family Services as a Crisis Program Manager with over five years of experience serving in community mental health.  She earned her Bachelor's degree in Social Work from Norfolk State University and a Master’s in Social Work at Capella University.  She has diverse experience, ranging from being a mental health behavioral technician to a prison counselor. She has had the opportunity to work in these various settings while accumulating an eclectic knowledge base to target different communities for change.  Mental Health is a strong focus for her as it continues to impact our communities, families, and individuals.  She enjoys working with the community and aiding in transitioning those in a severe mental health crisis into stabilization in the community. 


Rakiyah Perkins, MSW, QMHP-A, Crisis Program Manager

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