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About Us

Established in October 2012, Benevolent Family Services, LLC, is dedicated to providing skills to increase independence and awareness of mental health for both adults and children through our services:

  • Substance Abuse Partial Hospitalization Program (SAPHP)

  • Medication Management

  • Outpatient Therapy

  • Group Counseling

  • Mobile Crisis Response

  • Community Stabilization

  • Mental Health Skill Building

  • Intensive In-home: Children and Adolescents

Our mission is to support those facing significant behavioral or emotional challenges and offer a helping hand to those in need of extra services and resources through our extensive community connections. Our goal is to help you improve your daily life skills while providing consistent, compassionate, and educational support.

As a valued individual, you can expect to benefit from our services in several ways, such as:

  • Enhancing positive social behavior

  • Building stronger interpersonal relationships

  • Receiving assistance with common mental health conditions, including:

    • Anxiety

    • Depression

    • ADHD

    • Bipolar Disorder

    • PTSD

    • OCD

    • Schizophrenia

    • And more

​We're committed to working alongside you on this journey, ensuring that you receive the care and attention you deserve.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide comprehensive, compassionate, and dedicated services to those with mental health difficulties in efforts to empower positive change in their lives and the community to which we respectively serve.

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