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Allen Simon

Program Manager
SIMON, Allen (program manager MHSB).jpg

Meet Allen

Allen Simon is from Newport News, VA where he attended Denbigh High School where he was a three-sport standout student-athlete. Allen attended Norfolk state University where he furthered his education. Allen holds a BA in Sociology from Norfolk State University and a master’s in human services counseling from Liberty University. Allen Simon is a LeadMental Health Supervisor which he provides day-to-day supervision to his QMHP’s including the coordination and delegation of work/assignments, staff coverage, and performance evaluations. Allen also has worked with clients as a QMHP (Qualified Mental Health Professional) and has been working in community mental health since 2018.


Allen enjoys working with children and adults in the mental health population and had a passion for community mental health since high school. In addition to working in community mental health/behavior health field, he runs a mentoring program which he provides mentoring to young adolescents through sports. Allen was awarded employee of the year in 2020 for his outstanding performance and consistent contributions to Benevolent Family Services.

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