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About Us


Founded in October 2012, Benevolent Family Services, LLC, offers comprehensive independent living and coaching services within the community for adults, as well as children at risk of being removed from the home. We assist those who experience significant behavioral or emotional difficulties, we also adults provide assistance to those who are in need of additional services and support via our vast community referrals. What you can expect from our services is to develop better daily living skills. We will maintain consistent, caring, and educational interactions with you as our client to work on the points listed below:

  • Reduce risk of removal from the home

  • Reduce risk of involvement in the judicial system

  • Reduce conflict with family member(s)

  • Reduce conflict in the community

  • Support in transitioning to independent living setting

  • Increase ability to recognize personal danger

  • Increase pro-social behavior

  • Strengthen interpersonal/social relationship 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide comprehensive, compassionate, and dedicated services to those with mental health difficulties in efforts to empower positive change in their lives and the community to which we respectively serve.

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